SCA Filings, Approvals and Permits

If you’re planning to perform work on NYC Public Schools, you should know that these jobs must be filed with the School Construction Authority (SCA) rather than filing with the NYC Building Department. Filing with the SCA may seem more tedious and complicated as the guidelines are somewhat different from the NYC Building Department. SCA filings are not professionally certified so their plan examiners will review each and every job. A1 Expediting Service Corp. specializes in SCA filings, approvals and permits. We provide in-house engineering/expediting for sidewalk sheds, pipe scaffolding, fences, debris chutes, CD-5’s, elevators, hoists, work platforms, roof/overhead protection, etc. We will prepare the application forms, hand deliver to the SCA Project Officers for signatures. Jobs are then submitted to FID. We will then meet with the SCA Plan Examiners for approvals.