Other Services

  • Asbestos Reports (ACP-5’s). A1 Expediting Service Corp. works with partners that supply ACP-5 reports for your construction projects. Section 28-106.1 of the Administrative Code exempts buildings constructed after April 1, 1987 from DEP requirements related to asbestos certification. Any building constructed prior to April 1, 1987 requires, at a minimum, an ACP-5 report when building materials are being disturbed. This requirement also applies to sidewalks and curbs even though such work is outside the property line. It also applies to any anchoring method used for the installation of scaffolding, sidewalk sheds, signs, etc. that would disturb an existing façade.
  • NYC Loft Board Approvals.
  • Landmark Preservation Commission Approvals.
  • NYC Parks Department Approvals.
  • MTA Approvals for temporary structures such as Sidewalk Sheds, Scaffolding, etc.
  • FDNY Filings, Approvals & Permits.
  • Job Data: All our clients’ approvals, permits, drawings, etc. are stored electronically and can be sent to them with the click of a button. With our Xerox wide format printer, we are easily able to scan and print large format drawings up to 36”x48” without the hassle of sending out to a copy center.
  • Other Areas: We also expedite permits in Westchester Counties, Long Island and New Jersey.