Department of Transportation (DOT)
Approvals and Permits

If you are planning to perform work or place equipment on a street or sidewalk within the five (5) boroughs of New York City (NYC), you will need some type of DOT approval and permit. For something that seems very simple such as a debris container on the street or a temporary plywood fence on the sidewalk to a Full Roadway Closure, A1 Expediting Service Corp. has the expertise and know-how to get it done in a prompt, efficient and cost effective manner. Some of our services at the Department of Transportation (DOT) include but is not limited to:

  • Registering new companies, obtaining new Permittee registration #’s.
  • Keeping track of our clients insurances and updating when required.
  • Major Construction submissions including preparing logistic drawings and attending meetings with the various Borough Coordinators at DOT.
  • Lower Manhattan DOT goes through a different review process where meetings are required to discuss the projects prior to DOT issuing approvals and permits. We will schedule, coordinate, and accompany our clients to the meetings. Contractors are then required to attend the weekly LMCCC meetings to provide project status updates.
  • Obtaining Full Roadway closure approvals including sending out the 7 day notifications to the various city agencies.
  • Submissions to DOT Bridges for Sidewalk Shed over Roadway. Sometimes, especially in Lower Manhattan, clients are required to install sidewalk sheds spanning the roadway as the sidewalks are too narrow. We provide in-house engineering including preparation of drawings, calculations and submitting applications to DOT Bridges.
  • Preparing and submitting embargo waivers and obtaining approvals allowing clients to work during embargo periods.
  • Submitting permit applications including but not limited to:
    • Fences
    • Sidewalk Closures
    • Lane Closures
    • Material On Roadway
    • Crossing Sidewalk
    • Timber Barriers/Jersey Barriers/Port-o-Sans/Boom Lifts/Hoists/Loading Docks etc. on Roadway/Sidewalks.
    • Temporary pedestrian walkways.
    • Debris Container/Storage Containers/Office Trailers on Roadway.
    • Temporary Construction Signs (no parking signs).
    • Repair/Replace/Construct Sidewalks/Builders Pavement Plans.
    • Obtain Landmark Preservation Commission approval for Landmarked sidewalks prior to obtaining DOT approval and permits.
    • Parking Meter Maintenance Requisitions.
    • Violation Research and Removal.


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